Livable Sheds


Livable Sheds, Livable Dwellings, Shed Homes, Shed Houses or even ‘Shouses’, whatever your preference they are proving a popular option for affordable steel frame independent housing.

Known in the ‘biz’ as a Class 1a building, these portal frame liveable dwellings are great solutions for those looking to accommodate the kids that don’t look like moving out; providing independent living for extended family; guest quarters and even answering the question as to where to live while building your dream home.

For those wondering, it is the foundation design that makes the difference between a shed and a Class 1a habitable dwelling. The foundation for shed homes must meet Building Code of Australia criteria deeming it safe to live.

The Portal Frame System provides supreme strength and engineering to suit the region and site design criteria.

Sold in kit form, they are available in all sizes, modern styling and even in split level designs. This entry point option means you can keep initial costs down and add more features as the budget permits.

Totally Sheds are well placed to advise on what’s required for council and certification specifications.

If you are considering buying a shed house and in turn increase your property value, call or email Totally Sheds today.