Custom Sheds

Some of the most challenging jobs can also be the most rewarding.

At Totally Sheds we have designed many many buildings that don’t fit the “standard” model. Over the years we have designed buildings for a myriad of clients with specific needs.

Some examples include:

  • Quality sheds for cool rooms, using insulated wall and roof paneling
  • Structures that have two different roof heights and/or pitches
  • Designs that incorporate mezzanine levels at different heights
  • Compensating for a sloping block
  • Buildings for large transport companies with semi trailers coming and going
  • Steel structures for boat building yards
  • Rural fire brigade buildings
  • Sporting complexes storage sheds
  • Shade structures for schools
  • Roof coverings for lawn bowling clubs

We understand the complexities not only in the design but the structural requirements from local councils and other authorities, some of these designs are just not sheds, they are structures that must comply with stringent codes and complex engineering needs.

We listen, we understand, we take the time to get the design right so that we provide what you need – Totally!

Start your journey to a completely satisfying result by calling Totally Sheds today and simply tell us what you require 0423 088 880